Established in Bologna in 2002, S.I.S.S. is a scientific society that brings together academic and professional sociologists.

Organized in territorial areas (North, Centre, South and Islands), representative of the different Italian territorial realities, S.I.S.S. proposes activities and initiatives of study, research and training that concern local, national and international contexts.
Such activities and initiatives concern the study, research and implementation of issues regarding: health and disease in their epistemological dimensions, well-being and quality of life, humanization and personalization of health and social services, set-up and development of organisational models for health and social services (public and private), social inequalities in the state of health and access to care, different forms of anomies and deviances which may determine behaviours of addiction and abuse, social, health and socio-health professions, and quality assessments of health and social services.

During its 18 years of activity, S.I.S.S. has pursued the objective of addressing the issues mentioned above and finding answers to their related problems/needs. In addition, it has disseminated the sociological knowledge of reference by integrating the theoretical and research aspects with those of operational practice, concrete experimentation and reflexivity on the experience.